me-and-zeusJulie Khyler was born Julie Drovdahl in June of 1977 in Port Angeles WA.  She moved to Ellensburg, WA to attend Central Washington University in 2004 where she remains to this day. She received her BS in Biology (microbiology focus) and Chemistry minor in 2009.  Julie is now painting full time after working in the wine industry for a number of years. She is inspired by the beautiful valley where she lives with the amazing variety of landscapes present. Julie’s family and animal family offer their own unique inspiration with their variety of fun personalities and quirks.

g-bear-and-me-snowJulie is a painter specializing in vibrant representational works in acrylic and oil. She actively works to embrace the rough edges within a piece, letting paintings stop in interesting places. Working quickly, each painting is dictated by her gut that day. The driving force behind her painting themes are focusing on escaping the everyday pains and struggles, embracing imagination, light-hardheartedness and seek to embrace the happiness of life whenever she can. She uses unexpected colors in an impressionistic style, manipulating color to draw the eye of the viewer in deliberate ways through her paintings. She loves for her paintings to evoke fun memories in the viewer and stories of childhood, the feelings of escaping from their own daily drudge and remember those long lost places and dreams, or new places of peace and serenity, joy and sanctuary.”